Meet the Fremont Players

The Magic Cow
These folks make our panto go 'round
Fearless Founder, MC, and Resident TwankeySimon Neale
Steering CommitteeMaque daVís
Simon Neale
Myron Sizer
Marilyn Sizer
Alison Snyder
Debbie Tully
Jennifer Wensrich
TreasurerMarilyn Sizer
DirectorThe Company!
PublicityJennifer Wensrich
Volunteer Coordinator, TicketingAlison Snyder
House ManagerMary Jo Voorhees
Poster DesignCandace Reiter
Sleeping Beauty cast at OCF
This Year's Players
CinderellaLeah Papernick
Prince CharlesKiki Hood
DandiniKristin Huson
Fairy GodmotherHeather Mead
ButtonsMichael Royalty
Baron Harry HardupMyron Sizer
Baroness Rubella Eaton-Hogg HardupMarilyn Sizer
Bodacea Eaton-Hogg HardupMaque daVís
Lymphoma Eaton-Hogg HardupChris Huson
F.B.I.Pam Schwartz, Alison Snyder, Jennifer Wensrich
Cinderella cast at OCF
The Ones You Don't See
Music & Song LyricsKiki Hood, Stuart Zobel
SoundKieran Harrison-Buhlinger
LightsMichael Selby
Stage ManagerMichael Marconi
Set DesignNorma Baum
Script WranglersChris Huson
Myron Sizer
Past Players Terry Robb
Dan Goodman
Norma Baum
Kristin Broms
Lindsay Erika Crain
Cedar Mazuba
Flora McGill
SeanJohn Walsh
Katy Weber
Debbie Tully
Candace Reiter
Steve Meyer
The Crocodile
Don't forget the ones who wind the clocks!
Performance & Rehearsal SpaceHale's Ales Palladium
Photography (Hale's)John Cornicello
Photography (Oregon Country Fair)Alison Snyder
Debbie Olson
Rhea Dorsey
Site DesignÆther Pie

And we would love to thank all our WONDROUS VOLUNTEERS who've helped us through the years! We can't do it without you!

If you'd like to volunteer, contact Alison at

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